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Our Approach

Our comprehensive financial planning approach is customized to meet your unique financial needs and objectives. Our process is designed with you in mind, and with the use of our wealth management system we are able to give our clients the big picture of their overall financial situation now and into the future.

We follow a six-step financial planning process that can help our clients decide where they are now, what they may want in the future and how they can reach their overall vision for their financial future.

  1. Agree on how to work together. Our financial planning process begins with establishing a relationship with our clients and collectively defining the overall vision of their financial goals. We explore the pertinent details of how working together may accomplish the vision.
  2. Gather information about your finances and set goals. We discuss personal and financial objectives and goals, such as, retirement, education, real estate, income supplementation and asset/estate protection. We can then establish time frames for each objective and evaluate risk tolerances. This will lead us to a strategic financial plan. We collect all necessary financial information to support the plan including, but not limited to, personal family information, income and expenses, assets and liabilities, tax information, trusts, insurance, and business interests.
  3. Analyze and strategize. The collection leads to the analysis of all current resources available to accomplish our clients' vision.
  4. Develop recommendations. Our analysis allows for exploration of additional strategies of asset allocation and portfolio management to accomplish the vision where current resources fall short.
  5. Implement and put plan into motion. After discussing recommendations, we will implement the agreed upon plan to carry out any or all of the recommendations and coordinate with any other professionals, such as an attorney or accountant, that may be needed.
  6. Monitor progress and stay on track. We will closely monitor plan performance, as well as, evaluate personal and environmental changes. Any significant changes allows for recommendations and review of the new circumstances.